Our Small Business Strategy service provides the planning, measurement, accountability and expertise needed to rapidly accelerate your success.

Predicting your future business performance with 95% certainty.

Using confidence intervals we can predict how quickly your business will improve during the next six months. If you work with us we can be 95% certain that your performance will be in the black area. If you don’t work with us then we can be 95% certain that your performance will be in the grey area. Contact us if you would like to know more about the statistical analysis that underpins this claim.

“Within a short amount of time we started to see massive improvements. We could not have achieved the revenue increases we saw without Hooke & Co. Business Strategy.”

Ricky Moore – Project Manager at Scoots W2W.


We develop three, simple-to-understand, plans for our clients.

The first plan is for the near-term – giving laser-focus on the two or three key variables that we will be working on during the next 90 days. The second plan illustrates the longer-term – where you’re going over the next five years (pictured). The third plan is financial, including profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow.


We measure your performance every three months.

Measurement allows us to track your progress over time. We compare your latest scores with your scores from the last quarter and your baseline scores. We show you how your performance compares to our average client and non-client performance scores. Finally, we use the performance data to continually check priorities and ensure we are working on the most beneficial variables to maximise your progress.


Regular face-to-face meetings and phone calls are key to progress.

The month begins with a face-to-face meeting to review plans, confirm priorities and agree actions. Half-way through the month we have a short scheduled phone call to check progress and quickly identify any issues. We remind you of your actions one week before your next face-to-face meeting. Then we meet again to close the current month and start the next.


We help to implement best practices in 14 areas of your business.

From improved marketing and sales for top line growth to cloud technology for increased efficiency. Each month we take actions to be help deliver improvements in your business. For example, one month we might help you to setup a customer relationship management system to better manage your pipeline of customers and increase sales.

Client Portal

Our clients have access to a private, secure and personalised portal.

The portal brings all the work we do together into one convenient place. Available 24/7, the portal is continually updated with your plans, actions, performance data and more. It also includes copies of your terms and conditions and a guide to getting the most from our service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Every month we check that you are completely satisfied. If you have any concerns then we simply don’t collect payment.

Clients can choose whether the service is delivered face-to-face or via telephone, Skype, Facetime, etc. If face-to-face is selected then travel costs are payable at £0.45/mile from our bases in Hertfordshire.

If you would like to know more about our Small Business Strategy service then please contact us.


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